Carnival…. Thrilling for some, annoying for others. Carnival is like a strange version of Christmas. A festive mood is in the air long before the Carnival happens. And while some are making costumes for the big event, others are planning escape routes to quieter and cleaner places.

Just like at Christmas, Carnival brings different things to different people based on a) their age, b) desire to participate in the world-famous event, c) financial situation, d) how much they are fed up with the festivities.

Younger people usually get the gift of partying non-stop for more than five days. They wear silly costumes (I have to admit, some of them are quite funny), listen to loud music and constantly hydrate themselves with beer called Antarctica (the name of the beer is the best thing about it).

Beer is such an essential part of the Carnival street parties now, that supplying the crowd with beer has become the main business of the year for some vendors. I even think that Rio can go as far as to replace the sea water with beer in the Guanabara Bay for the Carnival. But this would be a long-term plan because Rio is busy getting ready for the Olympics in 2016 right now.

Blocos 2013 04

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Some of those who have seen it all, had all the Antarctica beer that their bodies could handle, have grown up and, maybe, even have children of their own, prefer to escape from the city. After all, who in the sober state of mind would want to see their kids drown in the ocean of trash left by the happy and hydrated public?

Others stay inside at their homes, away from the jolly crowd.

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But even when a half of the locals are gone, the city is still overcrowded with party-goers from Brazil and all over the world.

The party goes on! And on. And on. And on… .


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